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A Bird On Lizzie S Window Sill

A Bird On A Windowsill
Author: Sonja J. Canada
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1418406155
Size: 74.66 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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A Bird on Lizzie's Window Sill
Language: en
Pages: 188
Authors: Sonja J. Canada
Categories: Fiction
Type: BOOK - Published: 2004-04-01 - Publisher: AuthorHouse
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Boasting equal parts scholarship and style, "All Governments Lie" is a highly readable, groundbreaking, and timely look at I. F. Stone -- one of America's most independent and revered journalists, whose work carries the same immediacy it did almost a half century ago, highlighting the ever-present need for dissenting voices. In the world of Washington political journalism, notorious for trading independence for access, I. F. "Izzy" Stone was so unique as to be a genuine wonder. Always skeptical -- "All governments lie, but disaster lies in wait for countries whose officials smoke the same hashish they give out," he memorably quipped -- Stone was ahead of the pack on the most pivotal twentieth-century trends: the rise of Hitler and Fascism, disastrous Cold War foreign policies, covert actions of the FBI and CIA, the greatness of the Civil Rights movement, the horror of Vietnam, the strengths and weaknesses of the antiwar movement, the disgrace of Iran-contra, and the class greed of Reaganomics. His constant barrage against J. Edgar Hoover earned him close monitoring by the FBI from the Great Depression through the Vietnam War, and even an investigation for espionage during the fifties. After making his mark on feisty New York
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“This book is a fine offer expanding the horizon of poetic readership...His yearnings are so genuine; readers can connect instantly. Humanity and love seem to be the genesis of his fecundity” —Ambika Ananth, Muse India, India “Poets like Dr Latoo may be able to contribute to the formation of a healthier global village...There is a poet-philosopher in the author of the Gushing Fountain”, —Dr James Paul Pandarakalam, British Journal of Medical Practitioners, UK “Javed is so good at writing in original ways about calamities that humanity is facing. ...This book makes the reader feel good in more ways than one” —Dr Nasseer Masoodi, Greater Kashmir, India “A fascinating read... The poems are full of insight, generosity and unaffected passion. The writing is exhilarating. I highly recommend this book for every poem lover” —Sumaiya Aadil Shah, Rising Kashmir, India Gushing Fountain: is a heartwarming and uplifting poetry collection. Poetry helps us to re-experience and re-imagine the world. Its beauty and power can heal us as well as create a sense of ecstasy. This collection of poems, written by a doctor of mind ( A Psychiatrist ), will inspire you, will give wings to your imagination and will enlighten your heart.
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"Striving to Know" is a quick-read. At a small private college, as freshmen students find their way during the first semester, four students with varying interests become good friends. There's Holly, a psychology major with interest in parapsychology, who is looking forward to a summer internship at Harvard. There's Greg, who thinks he wants to major in electrical engineering. Charlie is immersed in his own world of religion, and Sarah is a geology-archaeology major. Each faces challenges regarding their spiritual beliefs, and each becomes preoccupied with events and situations that take place in their lives while on campus-including the appearance of a mysterious man. In the midst of their difficulties, they learn of a monthly "Let's Talk" meeting held for students and the community with a spiritual adviser who answers questions, gives advice, and talks about how synchronicity takes place in their lives, clarifying how each person actually helps to create their own reality. A work of religious fiction, Striving to Know tells a story about resolve, personal growth, and how friends' support for one another helps them to achieve their final goals.
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The Gettier Problem has shaped most of the fundamental debates in epistemology for more than fifty years. Before Edmund Gettier published his famous 1963 paper, it was generally presumed that knowledge was equivalent to true belief supported by adequate evidence. Gettier presented a powerful challenge to that presumption. This led to the development and refinement of many prominent epistemological theories, for example, defeasibility theories, causal theories, conclusive-reasons theories, tracking theories, epistemic virtue theories, and knowledge-first theories. The debate about the appropriate use of intuition to provide evidence in all areas of philosophy began as a debate about the epistemic status of the 'Gettier intuition'. The differing accounts of epistemic luck are all rooted in responses to the Gettier Problem. The discussions about the role of false beliefs in the production of knowledge are directly traceable to Gettier's paper, as are the debates between fallibilists and infallibilists. Indeed, it is fair to say that providing a satisfactory response to the Gettier Problem has become a litmus test of any adequate account of knowledge even those accounts that hold that the Gettier Problem rests on mistakes of various sorts. This volume presents a collection of essays by twenty-six experts, including some of
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He didn't want to stay in this stuffy, impersonal room, all alone with strangers poking and prodding him when he didn't want to be poked and prodded. He said, 'I want to go home, to the comfort of my house.'A son travels home to be with his dying father. To distract the old man as death approaches, he asks him to recount a story - and thus the son learns the strange tale of thePeculiar Man and a very unusual animal.Four men leave their village to fi ght in the Great War.Those who survive the trauma of the battlefi eld return to a country that is not fi t for heroes but is beset by poverty and class struggle.From his grand house, the Peculiar Man, driven by hisupbringing and his selfi sh desires, hatches a despicableplan to ensure that his life will continue in the manner to which he is accustomed - even if he must destroy those who get in his way.Between them stands Bracken, an animal that is so much more than he appears to be.This lyrical, haunting novel evokes the beauty and horror of times past as well as the sadness of parting.
Spring Miscellany
Language: en
Pages: 168
Authors: Soseki Natsume
Categories: Literary Collections
Type: BOOK - Published: 2011-12-20 - Publisher: Tuttle Publishing
For the first time, English readers have access to Soseki’s Spring Miscellany. Originally published as Eijitu Shohin in serial form in the Asahi newspaper in 1909, before appearing in book form, Spring Miscellany is an pastiche of twenty-five sketches, referred to as shohin (little items), heir to the great zuihitsu tradition of discursive prose. These personal vignettes are clearly autobiographical and reveal Soseki’s kaleidoscopic view of his private world and his interest in authentic, unadorned self-expression. The stories range from from episodes from his youth to his adult musings. Of special interest are the accounts of Soseki’s stay in England between 1900 and 1902, where he attended University College, studied privately with W. J. Craig, editor of the Arden Shakespeare, and immersed himself in studying eighteenth-century literature. It was not a happy time for Soseki--he described his stay as “like a poor dog that had wandered into the company of wolves”--but, as with all great writers, he managed to turn adversity into raw material for his art and to give us insight today into the life of an expatriate Japanese scholar at the turn of the century. In his Introduction to the work, Sammy Tsunematsu, founder and curator of the
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This wonderful collection of short stories is all about Tess, A Very Special Dog, because she can communicate easily with other animals, even with humans. Tess is a Border Collie who lives with her owners Samantha and Bob on a farm in Devon. Their home at Hilltop Farm is surrounded by woodland, where Tess' friends live, including the family's cats Marmie, Flossie, and Belle. "During the day they would fight and scrap with each other, but at night they would cuddle up together in front of the fire, all fights forgotten," just as families should. The first story, "The Christmas Tail," explains how Tess saves the day for a small homeless kitty named Binky. "Tess smiled to herself. She had a feeling that, not only would she have three cats to contend with from now on, there also would be a fourth. Still, at least the kind, old dog could sleep peacefully by the warm fire. It had been a very long day." Tess has many other friends: Tipsy, the noisy dragonfly; Bayden, the kind old Shire horse; and Mr Rooster, with his verybright feathers, who accompanies Tess on her many adventures. Then there is Becky, the little girl in
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Language: en
Pages: 260
Authors: Michael Reisman
Categories: Fiction
Type: BOOK - Published: 2010-05-17 - Publisher: iUniverse
Sometimes we need a band aid to cover up a scrape or cut. Other times maybe surgery is needed to heal internal wounds. Not the case in this book you see. It goes far beyond that where emotional scars need to be attended to from possibly a lost love one or a broken heart in a relationship. This is where human love and compassion come into play that doctors have no control over. Small and large miracles take place in these stories from a source that may not yet be understood, but well documented. Come with me and experience the uplifting events which you are about to read. It concerns a matter of healing..This book is dedicated to my secretary and dear friend Patricia Justice. Author of Incredible Short Stories, Where Angels Tread and On Loves Path.
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Language: en
Authors: Maxence Van der Meersch
Categories: Fiction
Type: BOOK - Published: 2016-05-01 - Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP
Based on personal experience, survivor testimony, and documentary research, Invasion 14 portrays the German occupation of northern France during World War I. Regarded by critics as Maxence Van der Meersch’s finest work, the novel is set in Lille, Roubaix, and nearby villages along the Belgian border, with the front lines just miles away and the shelling routinely audible. An antiwar novel that goes beyond the trenches, this book is not about combat but its consequences, providing remarkable insights on the plight of French civilians and German soldiers as each group struggles to survive. A gripping epic that weaves together a vast range of characters, Invasion 14 provides a sweeping account of life under German rule and explores collaboration, resistance, and the grey areas between these stark choices, foreshadowing dilemmas the entire French nation would later face during World War II. Though originally published to great renown in 1935 - and considerable regional controversy - Invasion 14 was neglected after World War II, when national discourse focused predominantly on heroes of anti-Nazi resistance movements. As more nuanced understandings of war and occupation have evolved, Van der Meersch’s masterful rendition of life along the Western Front has enjoyed a well-deserved renaissance. Presenting