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Einfach Wein

Making Good Wine
Author: Aldo Sohm
ISBN: 9783791386645
Size: 54.48 MB
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Einfach Wein
Language: en
Pages: 272
Authors: Aldo Sohm, Christine Muhlke
Type: BOOK - Published: 2020-03-30 - Publisher:
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How to Make Good Wine
Language: en
Pages: 137
Authors: Graeme J. Morris
Categories: Wine and wine making
Type: BOOK - Published: 2002 - Publisher:
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The Home Winemaker's Companion
Language: en
Pages: 265
Authors: Gene Spaziani, Edward Joseph Halloran
Categories: Cooking
Type: BOOK - Published: 2000 - Publisher: Storey Kids
A complete reference for the home winemaker, this comprehensive guide includes detailed instructions and helpful hints for using concentrates, kits, juices, fruits, and herbs to create a wide variety of homemade wines. Illustrations.
Veuve Clicquot
Language: de
Pages: 319
Authors: Tilar J. Mazzeo
Categories: Cooking
Type: BOOK - Published: 2011 - Publisher:
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The Business of Winemaking
Language: en
Pages: 360
Authors: Jeffrey L. Lamy [Author]
Categories: Cooking
Type: BOOK - Published: 2015-12-01 - Publisher: Board and Bench Publishing
The Business of Winemaking places all facets of the wine business in perspective for investors, owners, and anyone else who is interested in how the wine business operates. Abundantly illustrated and written in a readily understandable style, the book addresses the technical rudiments of viticulture and enology and all of its related business actions: market analysis, vineyard and winery design, construction and equipment costs, regulatory and legislative issues, accounting and recordkeeping, financial analysis, tax considerations, typical salaries by geographical area, the minimum economic size of vineyards, the business plan, financing, product pricing, advertising, and sustainable farming and immigrant labor. This book features comprehensive case studies from 20 winery sites from coast to coast, making it an ideal resource for anyone wanting to better understand the inner workings of a successfully run winery.
Land and Wine
Language: en
Pages: 264
Authors: Charles Frankel
Categories: Cooking
Type: BOOK - Published: 2014-04-15 - Publisher: University of Chicago Press
A tour of the French winemaking regions to illustrate how the soil, underlying bedrock, relief, and microclimate shape the personality of a wine. For centuries, France has long been the world’s greatest wine-producing country. Its wines are the global gold standard, prized by collectors, and its winemaking regions each offer unique tasting experiences, from the spice of Bordeaux to the berry notes of the Loire Valley. Although grape variety, climate, and the skill of the winemaker are essential in making good wine, the foundation of a wine’s character is the soil in which its grapes are grown. Who could better guide us through the relationship between the French land and the wine than a geologist, someone who deeply understands the science behind the soil? Enter scientist Charles Frankel. In Land and Wine, Frankel takes readers on a tour of the French winemaking regions to illustrate how the soil, underlying bedrock, relief, and microclimate shape the personality of a wine. The book’s twelve chapters each focus in-depth on a different region, including the Loire Valley, Alsace, Burgundy, Champagne, Provence, the Rhône valley, and Bordeaux, to explore the full meaning of terroir. In this approachable guide, Frankel describes how Cabernet Franc takes
Wine recipes: How to make a good wine from fruit and grain
Language: en
Authors: Vanessa Raphael
Categories: Cooking
Type: BOOK - Published: 2020-09-01 - Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc
Creating your own homemade stash of delicious wine is actually not so daunting. Wine making in its simplest form is easy and very inexpensive. We have collected the most delicious and best selling recipes from around the world. Enjoy!
The Complete Guide to Making Your Own Wine at Home
Language: en
Pages: 311
Authors: John N. Peragine
Categories: Cooking
Type: BOOK - Published: 2010 - Publisher: Atlantic Publishing Company
From the basics of distillation to the ingredients used, you will learn all of the basics of home wine making, starting with the wide array of ingredients available to you, including grapes and berries. You will learn everything required to start and operate a home winery.
Bi-Rite Market's Eat Good Food
Language: en
Pages: 304
Authors: Sam Mogannam, Dabney Gough
Categories: Cooking
Type: BOOK - Published: 2011-10-18 - Publisher: Ten Speed Press
A cookbook and market guide from the nation’s premier neighborhood grocery store, featuring expert advice on how to identify the top ingredients in any supermarket and 90 vibrant recipes that make optimal use of the goods. San Francisco’s Bi-Rite Market has a following akin to a hot restaurant—its grocery goods and prepared foods have made it a destination for lovers of great food. In Eat Good Food, former chef turned market owner Sam Mogannam explains how to source and use the finest farm-fresh ingredients and artisanal food products, decipher labels and terms, and build a great pantry. Eat Good Food gives you a new way to look at food, not only the ingredients you buy but also how to prepare them. Featuring ninety recipes for the dishes that have made Bi-Rite Market’s in-house kitchen a destination for food lovers, combined with Sam’s favorite recipes, you’ll discover exactly how to get the best flavor from each ingredient. Dishes such as Summer Corn and Tomato Salad, Spicy String Beans with Sesame Seeds, Roasted Beet Salad with Pickled Onions and Feta, Ginger-Lemongrass Chicken Skewers with Spicy Peanut Dipping Sauce, Apricot-Ginger Scones, and Chocolate Pots de Crème will delight throughout the year. No matter
Home Winemaking For Dummies
Language: en
Pages: 384
Authors: Tim Patterson
Categories: Cooking
Type: BOOK - Published: 2010-10-25 - Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
An informative, fun guide to making your own wine It's estimated that one million North Americans make their own wine. Relatively inexpensive to make (a homemade bottle costs from $2 to $4), a bottle with your own label (and grapes) is a fantasy even someone with modest aspirations can fulfill. Author Tim Patterson, an award-winning home winemaker, shows how it's possible for anyone to create a great wine. In Home Winemaking For Dummies, he discusses the art of winemaking from grape to bottle, including how to get the best grapes (and figure out how many you need); determine what equipment is required; select the right yeast and figure out if any other additives are needed; and store, age, and test wine. With detailed tips on creating many varieties -- from bold reds and demure whites to enchanting rosés and delightful sparkling wines -- this guide is your ultimate winemaking resource.